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Children’s Dentistry in Carine

Healthy Smiles for Every Age

At Carine Glades Dental Care, our Carine family dentists love working with children. During your child’s first visit to us, one of our expert dentists will discuss your little one’s background and oral health needs. Next, we will evaluate your child’s smile and provide any educational or therapeutic services in a compassionate, understanding manner.

Growing up with routine preventative care can help your child enjoy their future trips to the dentist as he or she grows up.


faviconFissure Sealants

Sealants are a thin coating that protects the natural grooves and pits that are present on the biting surfaces of teeth. These areas are usually most prominent on the molar and premolar teeth toward the back of the mouth.

Without protection, these deep fissures can easily trap food and develop decay. Sealing them helps block bacteria and makes the teeth easier to clean with a toothbrush.

Children's dentistry at Carine Glades Dental Care



Straightening your child’s teeth can improve their appearance, health, and overall function. Orthodontic therapy not only corrects the alignment of the teeth, it also addresses problems due to misalignment of the jaws.

Our Carine dentists can evaluate your child’s bite to determine whether or not he or she may need to see an orthodontist for braces.

Orthodontic advice at Carine Glades Dental Care



If teeth are too crowded, it can alter their alignment. Extracting teeth can create more space, especially when braces are necessary.

Some teeth may also need to be removed if they are severely decayed and are unable to be restored.

Extractions at Carine Glades Dental Care


We recommend bringing you child in for a check-up soon after their first tooth erupts. Early visits help your child become comfortable with having our dentists look at their smiles, and allow us to intervene early on if problems should arise. Give us a call today on (08) 9448 3922 to schedule your family’s first visit with us, or you can book an appointment with us online!


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