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Meet Our Carine Dentists

A Carine Team Focused On Your Smile

Each of our Carine dentists completed their formal dental education at the University of Western Australia. As part of the Carine team of providers, they strive to provide comprehensive oral healthcare that exceeds the needs of each of our individual patients.



Dr Alex Leggat, Joint Practice Principal Dentist

Dr Leggat’s love of dentistry began at a young age when he attended career week during high school and was able to experience a dental practice first hand.

Upon selecting University of Western Australia to complete his Bachelor of Dental Science Degree, Dr Leggat graduated in 1977. For him, one of the most rewarding parts of dentistry is being able to help patients in their time of need, be it relieving pain, restoring a smile or keeping their oral health positive.

When he isn’t crafting beautiful smiles at Carine Glades Dental Care, Dr Leggat enjoys spending time playing golf, boating, fishing, snow skiing and watching AFL football.


Dr Michael Schrader, Joint Practice Principal Dentist

Dr Schrader’s greatest joy as a dentist is bringing patients out of pain while restoring confidence in their smile, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

As a 2004 graduate of University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Dental Science, Dr Schrader aims to provide his patients with the best care possible, which is why he continues to participate in continuing education courses each year.

In his downtime, he enjoys spending his days with his wife and three young children outdoors, typically in the park or at the beach.


Dr Frank Sweeney, Joint Practice Principal Dentist

Though he had an initial interest in medicine from a young age, it was ultimately a family friend who swayed Dr Sweeney’s entrance into the field of dentistry, and he couldn’t be happier with his career that has spanned more than three decades.

Dr Sweeney is a graduate of University of Western Australia, holding a Bachelor Degree in Dental Science. At Carine Glades Dental Care, he enjoys building patient relationships and a sense of trust, bringing positive outcomes to every individual.

In his spare time, Dr Sweeney is an avid sportsman, enjoying tennis and golf.


Our experienced and friendly dentists welcome you to visit Carine Glades Dental Care. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your dental care, or book a consultation online.


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