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Why preventative dental care is so important

Investing your time and money in preventative dental care is guaranteed to save you time and money further down the track. It’s well known that regular visits to your dentist prevent toothache and wallet ache. With regular preventative care, potential problems can be detected early and treated right away. This ensures you receive the best value for money, proving prevention is better than a cure. Preventative dental keeps your teeth healthier, and longer. As such, this limits the extent of dental treatment that you may need in the future.


Instead of avoiding the trip to the dentist, embrace it and save money in the long run by achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. Regular examinations will ensure your mouth stays in top shape all year round. During your check-up, your dentist will thoroughly examine the health of your teeth, gums, and soft tissues. Establishing a starting point for your oral health allows your dentist to carefully monitor and treat according to changes in your smile down the track. Dental X-rays will also likely take part during your exam, allowing your dentist to assess your teeth for cavities. X-rays pick up cavities that may be developing in areas not visible to the naked eye. X-rays also allow your dentist to inspect areas around existing fillings. Following your exam, your dentist will likely discuss their findings with you and chat through any recommended treatment options before they proceed.

Preventive dental care program

At Carine Glades Dental Care, we believe if you follow our tried and proven preventative dental care program, your mouth and your wallet will love you!

  1. Invest in some quality in-home oral care by brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily
  2. Book in for regular oral examinations. We recommend twice-yearly checks at the clinic
  3. Book in for professional in-clinic cleaning
  4. Remember to also book in for diagnostic exams. This will help to discover small issues before they become big painful problems
  5. You will also require oral cancer screenings. This ensures early detection and treatment of gum disease
  6. You may also require the customised fitting of mouth guards. This will protect the mouth and teeth of teenagers who play sports regularly
  7. Oral hygiene education is paramount. This helps to promote the proper diet and nutrition for healthy teeth and gums

Are you ready to book in for an examination?

Keeping your regular preventative care appointment is a lot kinder to your mouth and your wallet. So make sure you book in with a qualified dentist sooner rather than later. Are you ready to book in for an examination? At Carine Glades Dental Care, we care about your oral health. View our entire service range online. Why not drop in and meet our team face to face at 157 Duffy Road, Carine? Or give us a call on (08) 9448 3922. Have our wonderful team arrange an appointment time to suit.

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