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Tips on your child’s first dental visit and when it should happen

As a general rule of thumb, your child’s first dental visit should happen before they reach 12 months old or, if it happens, once your child’s first tooth becomes visible. It is easy to assume that the first dental appointment does not need to happen until your child has a full set of teeth –…
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Tips and tricks to make the most of your teeth whitening treatment

A Teeth whitening treatment is a perfect way to achieve a bright smile and an enhanced self-confidence. However, achieving the best outcome and ensuring the longevity of the treatment can sometimes be difficult. One of the most common mistakes people make is the food they eat post-treatment that reactivates stained teeth. Here are our tips…
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Your guide to root canal procedures

Root canal procedures have a reputation for being extremely painful, but the procedure itself is actually no more painful than having a filling placed. Every year, millions of teeth are treated and saved by root canal procedures, with the success rate being over 95%. Many teeth that have been fixed by root canal procedures go…
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Dentist Tips for Reducing Sugar Intake

Sugar is a natural part of the food and drinks we consume. However, excessive sugar consumption can increase the risk of developing cavities and other serious oral health problems. Here are 5 dentist tips for reducing sugar consumption: 1. Watch what you are consuming Being aware of how much sugar you consume is the most…
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