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Carine Glades Dental Care

Restorative Treatments

Are you struggling with missing, broken, or decayed teeth? At Carine Glades Dental Care, our dentists provide comprehensive restorative options to get you smiling again.

Crowns & Bridges

A crown is used to either strengthen a compromised tooth (such as one that is decayed, has a large filling, or has been treated with a root canal) or to enhance its cosmetics. It covers the full surface of the tooth and is usually made from quality porcelain materials that prevent it from breaking.

In contrast, bridges replace missing teeth by spanning across the “gap” between neighboring healthy teeth. The adjacent teeth are crowned with a porcelain tooth supported between them. Bridges prevent the teeth from drifting out of place, improving cosmetics and your chewing abilities.

Dental Implants

For an even longer lasting and sustainable tooth replacement option, dental implants are an excellent choice. At Carine Glades Dental Care, we work with a registered implant specialist for the best possible results. Once the implant is placed, we will perform the final phase of treatment, which involves placing an artificial tooth (such as a crown or bridge) over the artificial tooth root. This eliminates the need for a conventional fixed bridge.

Implants can also be used to retain full dentures and longer bridges. This alternative is relatively more comfortable and helps our patients feel more confident about their teeth.

Full & Partial Dentures

Struggling with missing teeth is an embarrassment that no one wants to endure. Our custom denture options can be removable or secured in place by dental implants. Immediate dentures are also available for our patients that require extractions on the same day.

Other Types of Treatments & Materials Available

Carine Glades Dental Care strives to utilise materials that are durable for long-term restorative therapies. Some of these include:

  • Composite (White) Fillings: a cosmetic alternative to conventional materials

  • Silver (Amalgam) Fillings: ideal for filling back teeth which undergo extensive chewing forces

  • Glass Ionomer: another type of white filling. Typically used for temporary fillings or in our patients with a high rate of tooth decay

Each care plan that we provide is based on your unique concerns and oral health needs. Our dentists are happy to review each option with you so that you can select the one most appropriate for your smile.

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