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Common types of dental restorative treatments

Many dentists agree that regular visits help prevent tooth decay and other related dental health problems. However, some dental problems require immediate solutions and restorative treatments. For example, broken, missing or chipped teeth.

Dealing with these dental health problems can be a struggle, sometimes. Luckily, Carine Glades Dental Care is here to help. Our team has delivered excellent dental care services since 1983, so we are the right choice for all your oral health needs. Some of our highly in-demand services include our range of restorative treatments. If you are curious to learn more about these treatments, our team has provided a helpful summary below.

What are dental restorative treatments?

By the name itself, restorative treatments describe the procedures used by a dentist in replacing damaged or broken teeth and preserving the natural ones. Restorative treatments commonly use dental crowns and dental bridges to help restore and repair the damage in teeth. Below is a list of some of the most common types of restorative treatments. 

Dental crown

A dental crown is placed over the whole surface of a decayed tooth to strengthen it and help it return to its ideal form. While commonly used for restorative treatments, a dental crown also improves oral aesthetics. Dental crowns may come in different types, but a porcelain dental crown provides more quality and prevents the surface cap from breaking.

Dental bridge

Instead of a dental crown, a dental bridge is a better option for those with missing teeth. Connecting teeth gaps, a dental bridge uses false teeth to replace the missing ones. Keeping the dental bridge in place requires crowning the adjacent healthy teeth between it for support. Aside from that, a dental bridge helps fix your normal bite and improve your chewing ability. A dental bridge is among some of the most common options of restorative treatments. 

Dental implants

For those opting for a more sustainable replacement solution, dental implants are an excellent choice. For added security, dental implants use a tiny metal screw for an anchor. Most patients choose dental implants to secure partial and full dentures. With dental implants, these patients feel more at ease knowing that these dentures will stay in place.

Here at Carine Glades Dental Care, we have a team of qualified experts providing our clients with the best results. Our dental implants services include a specialised phase of treatment, eliminating the requirement of a dental bridge. This process makes our dental implants a trusted service among many of our clients.

How Carine Glades Dental Care can help

For all your oral health care needs, Carine Glades Dental Care should be your top choice. Backed by many years of experience, we provide the highest quality of dental care using a personalised approach to meet your dental health requirements. For more enquiries on restorative treatments, you can get in touch with our friendly team today or visit our website for the full range of our services.

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